Beginners with at least 16 years are allowed to participate at every training.

 Beginners with 11 year to 15 years are allowed to participate at the trainings only under supervision of an adult who is the tutor or legal guardian of the minor.

Dress code : jogging & T-shirt. Training material (Shinai) can be borrowed at the dojo during the training duration. After 1 month of practice, the beginners can buy their own equipment (Shinai & Bokken + Keikogi & Hakama + shinai bag =+/- 150 Euro.)

 The cotisation is as follows: 125 Euro/year for students and 250 Euro/year for adults.

Time schedule and location see page TRAINING and AGENDA

Don’t forget to pass your medical check who is obligation for every member.
For more information and to make an appointment, please contact the following address :

INS Service Médico Sportif

Mme Nadia KUMMER (matin) – M. Marc KINTGEN
66, rue de Trèves
L-2630 – Luxembourg

Tél. : (+352) 247-83413 / 83446