Luxembourg Dojo

Beginner and Advance training  at Muehlenbach

16/19/23/26 October

6/9/13/16/20/23/27/30 November

1/2/3 December Seminar with Markus Frey.

No training during School Holiday from 28/10 at 5/11


Luxembourg INS Advance Bogu training

Tuesday at 7 PM

Date   17/24 October  7/14/21/28 November

INS Salle Rubanprez. 49°36’38.4″N 6°08’34.8″E

Differdange Dojo

Beginer and Advance training Wednesday

Season start 20 September

Wednesday at 6 PM. Also no training during School  holidays.

Metz Dojo

Training days every monday and Thursday no interruption.

Start an schedule see Metz link.

Seminar  2017 

View the info at this shrib link