Welcome to Luxembourg, Sensei!

In early March, we had the honour to have our Sensei’s  own Sensei from Miyazaki Police as a guest: Oshige Sensei.

Oshige Sensei was accompanied by his wife and his student Katsunori Suzuki Sensei (renshi 6 Dan), a very friendly and competent young man!

A trip to the Vianden Castle was in order..

The first training was on Thursday night in Metz, Haku Un Kan, followed by a snack dinner in the dojo 🙂

Thank you for your hospitality !


Second training (welcome Ji-Geiko) in Luxembourg followed by a snack and beer with good old friends…


Welcome to Luxembourg, Kari Ruuhilahti Sensei from Finland (renshi 6 Dan)

Saturday, 1st day of Seminar

Things go more physical… after serious Kata instructions and a series of basic training and footwork.


Thank you for joining us in Luxembourg!


You deserved a nice meal!


Sunday, 2nd day of Seminar

Again, we had the privilege to have a deep insight to Nihon Kendo Kata. Themeaning of the first three Katas are to be remembered as such:

  1. Heaven – I killed my opponent and send him to Heaven
  2. Mercy – I have mercy and will “only” cut of his hand
  3. Courage – I win only with my Ki, and don’t have to hurt him at all!

“This displays a mental progression along my experience doing Kata”

We had a nice Kata demonstration by Romain and Christophe!

Good advice is always welcome after the training … Thank you so much Sensei!


Thank you so much for coming… Have a safe trip back home, and see you next time!

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