What a Weekend in Luxembourg: Markus Frey Kendo Seminar December 2/3 2017


Front row, left to right:

Jean-Paul Fournier (6th Dan), Serge Boffa, (6th Dan), Emilio Gomez (7th Dan), Yoichi Yamasaki (7th Dan), Markus Frey (7th Dan), Oscar Kimura (7th Dan) , Dany Delepierre (7th Dan), Pekka Nurminen (6th Dan), Olivier Keiser (5th Dan)

The Dojo was crowded: 40 Kendokas from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, of course: including former national team members (finnish, swiss, belgian) were here to learn the secrets of successful Kendo.


To master Kendo, simply go through the checklist:



Thank you all for being with us and make this possible! – See you next year!!!


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