Welcome Drink and serious planning

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Nihon Kendo Kata – when it starts to make sense

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Are you ready?…  Go! … COME ON!!!



First day of Gasshuku… keep you balance!

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RYP_0095 RYP_0127 RYP_0133

No Kendo without beer…


Second day – deeper understanding of Ohji Waza and Tachi-Ai Concept

RYP_0306  RYP_0312  RYP_0342  RYP_0357  RYP_0238 RYP_0265 RYP_0270   RYP_0327   RYP_0368 RYP_0374 RYP_0376


Thank you all for coming!



… with Shobukai members


… and with special guests:


Dominique Coco, technical and moral support and loyal friend for many years – Yamasaki Yoichi, resident main teacher and assistent to Sumi Sensei – Sumi Masatake, guest teacher – Robi Heiderscheid, founder member of Shobukai Club – Claude Pruvost, assistent to Sumi Sensei – Dominique Gerard, president of Shobukai – Olivier Keiser, senior teacher of Shobukai


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