This past Saturday, October 31st, 4 members of the Shobukai travelled to the Kendo Seminar in Strasbourg, France held by the great Jean-Paul “Polo” CARPENTIER (7th Dan). After a small miscalculation we departed around 7h30 (Oli thought he could drive from his home in Alzingen to Luxembourg, pick up Karen and drive to Altwies to pick up José…all this in 10 minutes). About two hours later we arrived in Strasbourg where we joined Dominique and the other Kendokas. There were over 30 Kendokas present throughout the day. It was impressive to see the sensei Jean-Paul CARPENTIER in action. “Grand” is a word that befits him in all senses. A tall, massive man with a thick moustache and a gracious demeanour. It was a great pleasure watching him teaching and showing us correct moves. He is a great person and an excellent teacher with a great heart…an example to follow! On a cultural note, “Buschur” is how you say “Hello” or “Bonjour” in Alsace.

Lunch time, Olivier and José hit the streets while Dominique and Karen ate at the C.R.E.P.S.Either it's very cold or we have two Shobukai specimen trying to hit a pose.Le "grand" Jean-Paul CARPENTIER (7th DAN), sensei of the seminar.

Traditional group photo.The car is packed, the girl is nuts and the chauffeur is resting...great ingredients for a nice drive ;-)Perfectly framed shot.

More pictures of the event can be seen in the GALLERY.

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