It’s Monday and probably everyone is tired from the fruitful Kendo Weekend we all had with Oscar KIMURA (6th Dan), coach and captain of the Swiss national Kendo team. There were over 30 Kendokas from 5 different countries on Saturday and on Sunday. We were all pleasantly surprised to see Oscar’s rapid moves and his detailed explanations of Kendo basics. We also had the honor to see Oscar’s wife, Daniela KIMURA (5th Dan) in action. Overall, we are quite satisfied with the attendance and the good spirit around this past Kendo Weekend. Thanks again to all participants for their sweat, their smiles, and their great company.

Olivier KEISER (5th Dan) with Oscar KIMURA (6th Dan).Listening very close to what the master has to say.Group photo after the training.
To see more pictures of the event, please go to GALLERY.

The following video is that of a ji-geiko (free practice) between Oscar KIMURA (6th Dan) and Dominique COCO who fights Nito style (two swords technique).

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Super WE !

Oscar Kimura est vraiment sympa, et plein de très bon conseils (on devrait faire un “débriefing”)

Même pas mall aux pieds !

FXF added these pithy words on Oct 13 09 at 1:48 pm

T’as oublié de dire qu’Oscar est incroyablement rapide avec le shinai…ai ai ai!

Shobukai Kendo Luxembourg Team added these pithy words on Oct 13 09 at 3:51 pm

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