Kendo Seminar with Claude Pruvost Kyoshi 7 Dan Kendo 16/17 JUNE 2018

Saturday / Sunday

Hall Sportif Belair, 14 rue d’Ostende, 2271 Luxembourg

Saturday, 16 June, 2018   10:00 – 11:30 (1 session)

14:00 – 16:15 (2 sessions)

Sunday, 17 June, 2018       10:00 – 11:30 (1 session)

14:00 – 16:15 (1 session)


Beginners, advanced and Dan level with valid FLAM-passport,

or comparable foreign passport.

COSTS:                      COURSE:        Whole seminar           20,– Euro

One day                       12,– Euro

1ère Coupe de Kendo de l’Ambassadeur du Japon + Coupe du Luxembourg

This year we are excited to announce our very first international tournament: “La Coupe de Kendo de l’Ambassadeur du Japon” We are very grateful to the Japanese Embassy for their support. We would also thank our neighbour club in Metz, HAKU UN KAN for their faithful technical support, Mr. Dominique Coco. We will as well keep our tradition for the Luxembourgish  Kendo Championships. They will  latter will be held at the same place in the morning.


Save the date: April 7, 2018


1230-1300 Shinai-check and presence control
1300-1315 Opening Ceremony with speech of his excellence Mr. Shigeji SUZUKI, ambassador of Japan to Luxembourg
1315-1445 combats group A
1445-1615 combats group B

1615-1630 semi-finals and finals
1630-1645 Closing Ceremony

Competitors allowed from 2. Kyu up to 4th Dan. Please note that the number of participants is strictly limited to 32 competitors. The inscriptions will close on Monday, April 2nd at midnight. An entry fee of 15€ will be charged. Please follow payment instructions on the inscription form! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Inscriptions will be handled on a first come – first serve basis. Gambatte!





La Coupe de l’Ambassadeur du Japon aura lieu de 13h00 à 17h00 est organisée sous le patronat de son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur Shigeji Suzuki. Il s’agit du premier tournoi international de au Luxembourg.

Réservez le Samedi 7 avril 2018…

Le Programme prévisionnel:

1230-1300 Shinai-check et liste de présence
1300-1315 Cérémonie d’ouverture, discours de Son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur Shigeji SUZUKI
1315-1445 Début de la compétition, Groupe A
1445-1615 Suite de la compétition, Groupe B
1615-1630 1/2 FINALE et FINALE
1630-1645 Cérémonie de clôture

Pour compétiteurs du 2è Kyu au 4è Dan. Attention: Le nombre de participants est limité à 32 personnes.
Les inscriptions fermeront le LUNDI de Pâques, 2 avril 2018 à MINUIT!
Un virement de 15€ sera demandé pour finaliser l’inscription >> voir les instructions après la confirmation! Si vous avez des questions, veuillez ne pas hésiter à nous contacter.

Le premier arrivé sera le premier servi! Gambatte!



Plan d’accès

Center map

Informations concernant les championnats de Luxembourg (pour résidents)

La compétitions aura lieu le même jour, samedi 7 avril 2018 dans le Hall Omnisport Belair.

Nous vous invitons vivement à participer en tant que combattant pour les personnes en armure (avec l’accord de votre sensei) et également en tant qu’aide à l’organisation (table d’arbitrage, logistique, etc …) pour les pratiquants sans armure.

Cet évènement est l’occasion de promouvoir et de développer ensemble notre art martial, un effort collectif est donc le bienvenu et primordial.

Matinée: Coupe du Luxembourg

09h00-09h20      Ouverture des portes, inscriptions (préparation de la salle, installation des tables, chaises, tablaux… )
09h20-09h35      Shinai-Check pour coupe du Luxembourg
09h40-09h55      Cérémonie d’ouverture, présentation des arbitres
10h00-11h00      Tous les combats jusqu’à la finale

11h00                    Cérémonie


11h15-12h15      Pause déjeuner







Kendo Weekend with Oshige Sensei and friends

Welcome to Luxembourg, Sensei!

In early March, we had the honour to have our Sensei’s  own Sensei from Miyazaki Police as a guest: Oshige Sensei.

Oshige Sensei was accompanied by his wife and his student Katsunori Suzuki Sensei (renshi 6 Dan), a very friendly and competent young man!

A trip to the Vianden Castle was in order..

The first training was on Thursday night in Metz, Haku Un Kan, followed by a snack dinner in the dojo 🙂

Thank you for your hospitality !


Second training (welcome Ji-Geiko) in Luxembourg followed by a snack and beer with good old friends…


Welcome to Luxembourg, Kari Ruuhilahti Sensei from Finland (renshi 6 Dan)

Saturday, 1st day of Seminar

Things go more physical… after serious Kata instructions and a series of basic training and footwork.


Thank you for joining us in Luxembourg!


You deserved a nice meal!


Sunday, 2nd day of Seminar

Again, we had the privilege to have a deep insight to Nihon Kendo Kata. Themeaning of the first three Katas are to be remembered as such:

  1. Heaven – I killed my opponent and send him to Heaven
  2. Mercy – I have mercy and will “only” cut of his hand
  3. Courage – I win only with my Ki, and don’t have to hurt him at all!

“This displays a mental progression along my experience doing Kata”

We had a nice Kata demonstration by Romain and Christophe!

Good advice is always welcome after the training … Thank you so much Sensei!


Thank you so much for coming… Have a safe trip back home, and see you next time!

March Seminar with OSHIGE Sensei and friends

Kendo weekend in Luxembourg, March 2nd – 4th



Koichiro OSHIGE, kyoshi 7. dan, former Miyazaki police, Shihan


Claude PRUVOST, kyoshi 7. dan, France

Yoshinobu KUROGI, renshi 7. dan, Belgium

Yoichi YAMASAKI, renshi 7. dan, Luxembourg

Katsunori SUZUKI, renshi 6. dan, Miyazaki police, Member of 64th All Japan Kendo Championship


Shobukai Kendo Luxembourg (



Friday, March 2nd

Center map

12, rue St.Joseph, Luxembourg (Hall omnisports Cessange)

Dressing Rooms open: 18:30
Training hours: 19:00 – 20:00 (Ji-geiko)

Saturday/Sunday, March 3rd/4th

Center map

151, rue de Muehlenbach / Luxembourg-Eich

Saturday, March 3rd 10:00 – 12:00 (1 session) 14:00 – 16:30 (2 sessions)

Sunday, March 4th 10:00 – 12:00 (1 session) 14:00 – 15:30 (1 session)

Dressing Rooms: will open at 9:30 on Saturday and Sunday

Please respect training hours and show up early!


Beginners, advanced and Dan level with valid FLAM-passport, or comparable foreign passport.


Whole seminar (Saturday and Sunday) 35,– Euro

One day (Saturday or Sunday) 20,– Euro


at own expense, please take care of your own reservation nearby Youth Hotel Luxembourg (

for hotels please visit:


Inscription deadline: March 1st 2018

mail to:


If you want to join in for the dinner on Saturday evening at a restaurant nearby, please let the Organizer know when registering

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is possible – at own expense – at a nearby youth hostel

The promoter / organizer assumes no liability!


Next Date for the January Gasshuku

Saturday 6 at the INS Salle Rubanprez from 13h to 17h.

Saturday 27 at Muhlenbach Dojo 9h30 to 16h 1hr30 lunch break.

Sunday 28 at Muhlenbach Dojo 09h30 to 16h 1h30 lunch break.

Kendo Weekend with Markus Frey and Sensei-Friends…

What a Weekend in Luxembourg: Markus Frey Kendo Seminar December 2/3 2017


Front row, left to right:

Jean-Paul Fournier (6th Dan), Serge Boffa, (6th Dan), Emilio Gomez (7th Dan), Yoichi Yamasaki (7th Dan), Markus Frey (7th Dan), Oscar Kimura (7th Dan) , Dany Delepierre (7th Dan), Pekka Nurminen (6th Dan), Olivier Keiser (5th Dan)

The Dojo was crowded: 40 Kendokas from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, of course: including former national team members (finnish, swiss, belgian) were here to learn the secrets of successful Kendo.


To master Kendo, simply go through the checklist:



Thank you all for being with us and make this possible! – See you next year!!!


Lundi 27

Entrainement exceptionnel LUNDI 27 Novembre

18h a 20hr

Hall Omnisports Beggen

Rue de Rochefort, 2431 Luxembourg


December Seminar with Markus Frey and Yoichi Yamasaki


KENDO weekend in Luxembourg – 2017, December 1st – 3rd


Markus FREY, kyoshi 7. Dan Kendo


Yoichi YAMASAKI, renshi 7. Dan Kendo             


INS Salle Fort Rubanz Prez near of Bus Stop Cents Kéibierg INS

Saturday and Sunday

151, rue de Muehlenbach / Luxembourg-Eich (Saturday and Sunday)


Friday, December 1st, 2017 

20:00 – 21:00 (ji-geiko)

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

10:00 – 11:30 (1 session)

14:00 – 16:30 (2 sessions)

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017    

10:00 – 11:30 (1 session)

14:00 – 15:30 (1 session)

PARTICIPANTS:  Beginners, advanced and Dan level with valid FLAM-passport, or comparable foreign passport.


Whole seminar (Saturday and Sunday)        20,– Euro

One day (Saturday or Sunday)                   12,– Euro


at own expense, please take care of your own reservation

nearby Youth Hotel Luxembourg (


for hotels please visit:


Inscription deadline: 27.11.2017

send to:

If you want to join in for the dinner on Saturday evening at a   restaurant nearby, please let the organizer know when registering


Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is possible – at own expense – at a nearby youth hostel

 The promoter / organizer assume no liability!

One week with Sumi Sensei

Welcome Drink and serious planning

FullSizeRender-2  IMG_1411  IMG_1414  IMG_1421

Nihon Kendo Kata – when it starts to make sense

RYP_0010  RYP_0046

Are you ready?…  Go! … COME ON!!!



First day of Gasshuku… keep you balance!

RYP_0202  RYP_0205  RYP_0210  RYP_0215


RYP_0095 RYP_0127 RYP_0133

No Kendo without beer…


Second day – deeper understanding of Ohji Waza and Tachi-Ai Concept

RYP_0306  RYP_0312  RYP_0342  RYP_0357  RYP_0238 RYP_0265 RYP_0270   RYP_0327   RYP_0368 RYP_0374 RYP_0376


Thank you all for coming!



… with Shobukai members


… and with special guests:


Dominique Coco, technical and moral support and loyal friend for many years – Yamasaki Yoichi, resident main teacher and assistent to Sumi Sensei – Sumi Masatake, guest teacher – Robi Heiderscheid, founder member of Shobukai Club – Claude Pruvost, assistent to Sumi Sensei – Dominique Gerard, president of Shobukai – Olivier Keiser, senior teacher of Shobukai


High-level KENDO weekend in Luxembourg

RYP_0019With Masatake SUMI, hanshi 8 DAN

Time Friday 16 June until Sunday 18 June

Location Complexe Sportif Belair(Ostende)

14 rue d’Ostende 2271 Luxembourg

Friday 16 June 18:30-20:00

Saturday 17 June 10:00-11:30/14:00-17:00

Sunday 18 June 10:00-11:30/14:00-15:30

More info on[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22page%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22page_upcoming_events_card%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A[]%7D]%22%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D